On March 12, the short film STRAF (Punished) will be shown at the Breda theater: an inspiring evening with the film STRAF, panel discussion, cabaret, spoken word and installation art about sustainable action.

Publication date
February 14, 2024
Research area

Suppose you see injustice happening, what do you do? Do you say something about it? Do you intervene? Or would you rather not get involved? This question was asked by researchers Carla Bakker, Ine Mols, Godelieve Spaas and Isolde Sprenkels while making the film STRAF.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a framework for working together toward a social, ecological and just world. They are a benchmark for our actions. The film STRAF explores why we continue to do what we do even though we know it’s wrong. Four researchers empathized with four women, each serving a prison sentence in 2029 for different reasons, for acting contrary to the SDGs. Their questions and dilemmas are reflected in the film, where the researchers Carla, Ine, Godelieve and Isolde played the leading roles themselves. The central question in the film is: can we act differently today to make the future better? And do we want to, or does that require coercion or punishment?

he film STRAF is the thread through an inspiring evening, which is a combination of film, cabaret, spoken word and conversation.

Participating in the evening are lecturer ‘Economics as a Commodity’ Godelieve Spaas, professor of healthcare ethics Theo Boer, Nena van der Horst, who examines the relationship between the distribution of profit and corporate social responsibilities, and with filmmaker and theologian Kees-Jan Mulder.

Performances by comedians from the Koningstheateracademie, spoken word artist and teacher-researcher Ine Mols and the art installation “Letters to the future” by senior researcher Elena Lomeli Aguirre and visual artist Manouk Streur, also revolve around the question “what do you do when you know things are wrong? “The art installation can be visited in the foyer before and after the performance.

STRAF is a coproduction with PEERFILM and our Centre of Expertise Wellbeing Economy and New Entrepreneurship. The evening is in cooperation with De avond is Urban Living Lab Breda.

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