An equally beautiful and spirited challenge that demands much from our colleagues. That is the Ambition 2025. In the series Dare to Avans, Avans gives a stage to employees who realize the ambition of the university in their own unique way. Passionate professionals who combine ambition with personal attention and agility. Who have guts, seize opportunities and experiment. Who are they? What drives them? In episode 2 Arna Arnautovic, director at the Centre of Expertise Wellbeing Economy and New Entrepreneurship.

Publication date
January 23, 2024

“I hope more and more companies emerge that choose to make an impact and not just as much profit as possible. Not that making a profit is a bad thing. We all have to eat and we all want to do fun things. But I believe in ‘and-and.’ On one side now you have people who think the economy is important, on the other side those who are committed to nature. Those people are opposite each other and I find that very crazy. My future dream is for those 2 camps to come together.”

Watch the video and read the interview: Dare to Avans: Arna maakt het waar | Avans Hogeschool