Director BWNO

Job title

As director of the Center of Expertise Wellbeing Economy & New Entrepreneurship, Arna is a pioneer in bringing together and connecting education, research and the professional field. Together with the directors of the other Centers of Expertise, she contributes to solving social issues within the region and (far) beyond, and the further development of Avans from an educational institution to a knowledge institution. The common thread in Arna’s work is stimulating and connecting innovation, entrepreneurship and knowledge valorization.


Arna has her roots in biomedical sciences. She then switched to Business Management. Arna was an innovation consultant and project manager at Syntens Innovation Center, where she supported SME entrepreneurs in the field of innovation and development. She also worked as an innovation stimulation consultant at the Chamber of Commerce. Arna has been working at Avans University of Applied Sciences since 2019; first as an MT member at the Avans Entrepreneurship Center and since June 1, 2022 as a quartermaster at the Center of Expertise Broad Prosperity & New Entrepreneurship. She has also been a councilor at the Social-Economic Council (SER) Brabant since 2022.