Lecturer/Researcher Unthinkable Marketing

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Lecturer/Researcher Unthinkable Marketing
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  • Unthinkable Marketing

Geert Kastelijn is a lecturer and researcher at the Unthinkable Marketing professorship.



Geert has been a Retail Marketing teacher at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch since 2014. He also works as a business development manager at Culinor Food Group, a producer of ready-made meals in Belgium. After his Business Management training, Geert specialized in the food sector and took 2 master’s courses in this domain. He mainly worked in positions as marketing and sales manager for food companies.


As a knowledge circle member, Geert conducts research into purpose marketing, or ‘meaningful marketing’ in retail. That is marketing around the ‘purpose’ of a company. It is not primarily about profit, but more about what you contribute to society as a company. He wants to help retailers take steps to find what they want and can add in that area, both on the shop floor and online. Consumers are asking for it, as various studies have shown, but smaller stores often do not know how to meet this demand.