Junior researcher Impactful Value Chains

Job title
Junior onderzoeker Impactvolle Waardeketens
Research group
  • Impactful Value Chains


Levi’s expertise from his academic background lies in policy analysis, both, ex-post and ex-ante (using micro-simulations, propensity score matching). He also has experience in modeling social protection systems and actuarial accounting. Levi’s main interest is in poverty and welfare, especially the emphasis on multi-dimensional approaches and stepping away from them with the economic-financial approach.


From previous experiences outside the CoE BWNO, Levi has researched perceptions on Corporate Social Responsibility from the perspective of Ghana’s cocoa producing sector. He also conducted research on the impact of chronic child poverty on life opportunities and outcomes as adults.


Levi has an academic background in public administration, with a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from The Hague University, and MSc. in Public Policy and Human Development from Maastricht University and United Nations University-MERIT.

Levi on a sustainable future:

My personal motivation within BWNO lies in exploring the meaning of "Wellbeing Economy" in the Brabant context, and how this affects our shared vision of society formation.