Researcher Sustainable Finance & Accounting

Job title
Researcher Sustainable Finance & Accounting

Marjolein van der Kaa has been a research group member at the Sustainable Finance & Accounting research group since September 2018.


Marjolein worked as an AA accountant at a medium-sized accounting firm. Since 2010, Marjolein has been working as a lecturer at the Accountancy study programme in Breda. She trains, supervises and coaches Accountancy students and contributes to curriculum development. She also regularly provides training courses for teachers and professionals on integral reporting and the role of the financial professional. As a member of the research group, she makes the connection between research and education. The knowledge and skills she develops as a member of the research group enable her to translate these insights into daily teaching practice.


Her expertise lies in Educational Design, Integrated Reporting and Sustainable Development Goals.


Marjolein collaborated on the INTEGRES research.

Marjolein on a wellbeing economy:

The good thing about value is that we can value others (Merel Morre)