On January 25, 2024, the Continuous Improvement Symposium took place at Onderwijsbouleverard in Den Bosch. An inspiring afternoon filled with a Keynote by Arno Koch, graduation projects presented by students of the Continuous Improvement Minor, a lego serious gaming and the presentation of the Lean Green Belts.

Publication date
January 26, 2024

The theme of this year’s Continuous Improvement Symposium was “Building the Future.

The afternoon began with a motivational keynote by Lean expert Arno Koch. Arno talked about the future of Lean in light of sustainability. Among other things, he talked about the importance of having a “we” attitude and that we need sustainability to survive. And that real value is quality of life. ”Prosperity is a means to well-being, not an end. We lack well-being.”

After the speech, the students of the Continuous Improvement Minor presented in groups their final assignments, which they worked on for 7 weeks. They then literally built the future during Cristina Jackson’s Lego workshop ”Building the Future.”

At the end of the afternoon, the Best Practice Award was presented to the winning group. Finally, all students were allowed to receive their well-deserved Lean Green Belt and certificate.