Lecturer/ Researcher Sustainable Finance & Accounting

Job title
Lecturer/ Researcher Sustainable Finance & Accounting

After working as a social worker in mental health care for almost 20 years, Diede switched to education as a Social Work teacher in 2021. Soon after, she came into contact with the DFA professorship, through Traject Impact, which collaborates with the welfare organization ContourdeTwern. Dieke has now been working with colleagues from the professorship for a year and a half to make invisible values visible and contribute to a sustainable society.


Dieke’s expertise lies in social sustainability and the way in which companies and organizations can contribute to important themes such as equality, reducing poverty and well-being. Diversity, inclusion and destigmatization are her spearheads.


In 2002, Dieke completed the SPH training in Nijmegen, after which he worked at the OGH foundation, Buro Maks and De Viersprong. She worked as an MBT sociotherapist at the latter organization. Dieke obtained the Master’s degree in Social Work in 2019.

Dieke on a sustainable future:

Diversity and inclusion are only possible if we are able to recognize and adjust our own biases.