Lecturer-researcher Sustainable Finance & Accounting

Job title
Lecturer-researcher Sustainable Finance & Accounting

Sandra Jacobs- Poleij is a lecturer at Avans Hogeschool Accountancy and Finance&Control in Den Bosch and a member of the Sustainable Finance&Accounting knowledge group within the expertise center Wellbeing Economy and New Entrepreneurship.


Sandra studied at Tilburg University (Business Economics), started working in auditing at PwC after her studies and completed the postgraduate training for Registered Accountant alongside this job. After PwC, she worked for many years in various audit and F&C positions at bank-insurer SNS REAAL. Before joining Avans in 2015, she was self-employed for several years with SME companies.

In addition to teaching, Sandra is also a member and deputy chair of the Examination Board, she supervises trainees and graduates, is coordinator of a number of teaching blocks and of the deployment of the AC team, and she collaborates on Ambition2025 for the AC program.


Since September 2022, Sandra has been a member of the Knowledge Circle with great pleasure and enthusiasm. As a researcher, she is involved in the semi-annual graduate workshop with accountancy and F&C students that includes research assignments on circular, impact, carbon and other new forms of accounting. She also focuses specifically on making CSRD (sustainability reporting) simpler for the SME accountant and his clients and is writing a grant proposal for this with lector Marleen Janssen Groesbeek (RAAK-mkb; regieorgaan SIA).

Sandra on a sustainable future:

I really like the fact that in addition to teaching accountancy and F&C, I can express my ambitions in researching sustainability and then bring this back into teaching.