ELEC 2023

The 9th edition of the European Lean Educators Conference (ELEC2023) took place at Avans ‘s-Hertogenbosch from October 24 to 26, 2023.

October 2023 to October 2023
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  • Impactful Value Chains


October 2023 saw the 9th edition of the European Lean Educators Conference (ELEC) organized from the Centre of Expertise Broad Prosperity and New Entrepreneurship (BWNO). For three days, Avans challenged an international audience to discuss the future with and of lean management.



ELEC is organized every year in a different European city. At ELEC, lecturers, researchers, trainers and coaches from business and the public sector come together to exchange knowledge and gain the latest insights. The conference takes place in a different European city each year. In 2023, organizer Avans, from its research center BWNO, raises the question of what lean management looks like in and for the future. What role can lean management play in the social challenges ahead, such as the depletion of raw materials, climate change and loss of biodiversity.

Mark Hijmans of ASML: “Feeling the need for change intrinsically”
One of the speakers at ELEC 2023 was Mark Hijmans, Senior Manager Operational Excellence of global chip machine manufacturer ASML. Under the motto “change comes from within,” Mark shared with ELEC visitors his belief that real change can only be achieved when the need for that change is intrinsically felt. Other speakers, workshops, presentations of research papers, a competition for students and a splashy closing also had their place in the program.


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