Senior researcher New Entrepreneurship

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Senior researcher New Entrepreneurship
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  • Nieuw Ondernemerschap

Elena is a meaning seeker, a researcher, a teacher, an activist, an artist, an innovator, a realist-idealist, and a happy person who strives to be the best version of herself and to contribute to making a difference in people’s lives.

She has an inquisitive heart that has led her to explore different territories, play different roles and encounter diverse people and places.  Throughout her professional and personal life, change and “joie de vivre” have been her constants. Elena’s journey has taken her out of her native Mexico to become a Student in France, a Marketing manager in the U.S.A., an Advocacy advisor and Development worker in Uganda and Nigeria, an Adventurer in India, and an Academic in the Netherlands.

She prides herself on her ability to hold several apparent polarities together; head and heart, harmony and chaos, Innovation and Consolidation, Thinking and Doing, Diverging and Converging, and, Global and Local actions.


Elena has hold different roles in different parts of the word. She started her career in her native Mexico working on international logistic for the World Trade Center. She then move to the USA, where she worked for Shell Motor Oil company, first in charge of the integration of the Latin America portfolio and then as Responsible for the innovation of motor in for the Do-it-for-me sector in North America. Seeking using her skill to make a difference in peoples lives, Elena moved away from her corporate career and worked a marketing and Innovations Advisor for Fair Trade in Nigeria and, Develop a Strategy to introduce the Child Help line in Uganda and worked with several stake holders to strengthen the child protection mechanisms in the country.


A mindset change for a circular culture in business – In her research, she explores the creation of a mindset to foster a culture for an economy or wellbeing. She explores how values, cognition & consciousness, and context can support the connection with the multi-identity self, with the other, and with the world.


Elena holds a Maitrise in International Negotiations and a MA in International Sustainable Development Studies. She also holds certifications in Organizational Resilience, Systems Thinking, Yoga, Art, and Innovations Management.

Elena about a sustainable future

• It is from a place of knowing and connecting with our selves that we can become agents of our own wellbeing and agents of change. And then, together with others, we can create a culture that can foster an economy of wellbeing in our contexts