A bottom-up approach to organizational cultural change, where the individual and their ability to connect to others is at the core of systems change and values are the leverage points.

For organizations aiming at embedding sustainability in their strategy, starting with the development of a shared values-based vision across their value network and further expanding to jointly define actions and implementation paths via exploratory sustainable business modelling.

Project manager
Elena Lomeli Aguirre
September 2024 to March 2027
Research group

Research Objective – To further test a model and implementation tools for a mindset for the emergence of an organizational culture of economic well-being. To tailor the tools to the needs of the organization.

Scope – The model is a bottom-up approach to organizational cultural change. The individual is placed at the core of systemic change. It begins with individual mindsets by connecting values, mental models, and personal context. The model expands to the collective by connecting with the professional identity of others and with the transitional needs of the organization and the broader complexity of the context. Ending with the identification of collective actions in context.

Outcomes for organization –  Alignment of  Individual and organizational values. Shared vision and shared values based on common understanding. Input for the embeddedness of sustainability in organizational strategy and/or ESG policy. Identification of potential new areas for intervention. Stakeholder alignment and joint understanding of the complexity of the context where the organization operates. Exploration of different business models and identification of the necessary actions to create the desired impact and create multiple types of value.

Action plan –  The journey consists of 6 steps. Together with the organization we explore the most viable and practical options for the organization to implement all 6 steps.

For the personal mindset (Inner circle)

  1. Who I am Personal values and identities identification and recognition of 1 multifaceted & dynamic self.
  2. What I value – Connect with the transitions of the world via Mental Models, unveil existing narratives, and create the ones needed to construct valuable lives. Personal vision
  3. What I do where I am – The individual in the organizational context, the organizational efforts towards the transition to a well-being economy, and the role and relationship of the individual in context.

For the collective (organizational) culture (outer circle)

  1. Who are we and what we value – Connection with the valuable lives of key stakeholders.
  2. Where we want to be – The collective (organization) context. The role and relationship of the collective. Embeddedness of personal new narratives in context. Organizations developing or renewing their strategic objectives to incorporate the views of stakeholders. Collective vision
  3. How we get there – Action – Identification of collective plans for action and exploration of innovative sustainable business models for the implementation of the desired actions.