Lecturer-researcher Economy in common

Ine Mols is a Research & Innovation lecturer and researcher at the Economics in Common professorship.

Job title
Lecturer-researcher Economy in Common
Research group

After studying Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Ine deepened her knowledge about research and design during her PhD research. She obtained her PhD in 2020 from TU/e and University of Technology Sydney with her thesis ‘Design for Everyday Life Reflection’. In this project her interests interaction design, personal reflection and behavior change came together.



From her design background and research work, Ine has expertise in creative research techniques. She focuses mainly on ‘research-through-design’. The process of design is used to gather knowledge. By acting by design there is a lot of room to do, to take action and to gain insights through these actions. A combination of practical implementation and theoretical substantiation.



Within the professorship, Ine focuses her research on the roles that people can play in the transition to a new economy. Visions about a new economy are often shared in a theoretical or abstract way. That can make it difficult for people to translate this into their own actions. If you want to contribute to such a transition, how do you do that? Ine examines these roles both in current progressive organizations and in performances and events that paint a picture of the future. In this way she develops a toolkit that can help people find their role and perspectives for action.