Teacher and researcher Economy in Common

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Teacher and researcher Economy in Common

Paul has a background in technical business administration. He became increasingly interested in people’s behavior with the goal of AIM: Activate, Inspire and Motivate. In recent years Paul has contributed from ABE-ORM to the lectureship Economy in Common. Here he particularly supports Rijnko van Diepen in the area of making organizations more sustainable.


His expertise lies in entrepreneurship, making organizations more sustainable, Lead facilitator Quantum Academy (trainings for 100+ people), coaching, working of the brain (co-author, trainer, coach).


Paul has contributed to corporate sustainability through (awareness) trainings. The film Devil’s Avocado is an important tool for this.


Paul has held various (senior) management roles in larger tech companies. From 2000, started seven startups of various kinds. Since 2016 he is employed by Avans, Academy for Marketing and BusinessManagement (Entrepreneurship).

Paul on a sustainable future:

Any transition can be the beginning of progress. I hope to contribute that in today's transition, progress is based on People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership.

Additional positions

Paul is co-owner of the Global Goals Community whereby organizations in the Netherlands can make their businesses more sustainable based on the United Nations roadmap and, upon good results, become certified by the United Nations to do so.