Godelieve has been a Professor in Economy in Common at Avans since 2018. She wonders how we can develop our economic system, which is rooted in taking, into an economy of caring for (Care Taking). Can we create alternative stories, propose and try out different rules of the game and figure out how we ourselves need to change to participate in an economy that provides for all life on earth. What characterizes her is her love for working in the triangle of research, practice and art. That is the common thread in her life, education and work.


Godelieve studied dance, anthropology and communication science. She specialized in organizational and entrepreneurial principles that lead to honest and sustainable entrepreneurship. In 2016, Godelieve obtained her PhD from the University of South Africa. In search of the economy of the future, she investigated entrepreneurs worldwide who choose a business objective, organizational form and business model in which profit is a means to realize sustainable and social impact. Godelieve worked for years as a consultant, researcher and maker with established companies such as Rabobank, DSM, Wageningen University & Research, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and with precursors such as Utrecht Community for pioneers, Enviu, Festival sur Le Niger and DOEN Foundation.

Godelieve is a curator at the Future of Work foundation, co-founder of the Wire Group – Venturing for Impact, board member of Plaatsen Nederland, associate director of the Pari Center in Italy and researcher and maker in residence at Rabo Art Lab. Her research can be recognized by a combination of doing, thinking and imagination. Because the road to a new economy requires a combination of applicable knowledge and tools on the one hand and visual stories about new principles on the other.


Godelieve is an expert in the field of thinking frameworks and tools for a new economy. Examples of this are hybrid business models in which profit and non-profit reinforce each other and create multiple value. Fluid organizational forms, such as meaningful temporary work communities, that solve social issues in an enterprising way. And ways to put the sustainable development goals into practice.


Godelieve uses stories and images to show how new economic principles can work. She made films: STRAF, The Devil’s Avocado en Economy or: How I learned to stop worrying and love growth; de podcast series:  o.a. (Ver)Ander Onderzoek, De Tussenruimte, Van Wie is Zeeland? and Met Andere Ogen


Lectorale rede

Listen to lectorale rede van Godelieve Spaas en learn more about her research. Godelieve also made a podcast-serie

Other functions

In addition to her role as lecturer at the Center of Expertise Wellbeing Economy and New Entrepreneurship, Godelieve fulfills various other functions. And in the past 4 years she has given more than 40 lectures, played 3 different performances on different stages and given several interviews for the press and other organizations. An anthology from it.



In 2022



– The film Punishment was screened at (film) festivals in Korea, the US, Helsinki and as an installation in the KLICK off of Future of work in Willem II. In addition, the film was shown at various organizations (including KNAB and other companies, libraries, various colleges).
– The performance Utopia for beginners was performed at Avans, the largest knowledge festival in the north, Rijkswaterstaat, Het Maerlandt college, Theater van de Verbeelding Amsterdam, Creativity World Forum, Het Depot van Boijmans van Beuningen and in the Van Abbe Museum. The performance: Dominique one year later, was played during the premiere of Straf in NatLab and during the opening of the Future of Work Kick off exhibition in Willem Twee.
– I did the dialogue/podcast De Tussenruimte Life in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and in Willem Twee Den Bosch. Four new dialogues are planned for 2023.
– The performance: On the origin of things (part of the program in development: Exchange together with The100 Hands) I performed during the Jarl festival in Amsterdam.

Management and advisory functions


  • Director Herenboeren Nederland
  • Director Places Netherlands
  • Curator Future of Work platform and festival
  • Advisor World Ethic Forum Switzerland
  • Director and associate director Pari Center Italy
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Zie verder blogs op: www.creatingchange.nl , www.nieuwleiderschap.org , http://www.doen.nl/web/projecten-die-we-DOEN/Groene-en-Sociale-Economie/Onderzoek-Nieuwe-Economie-1.htm
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Godelieve on a sustainable future:

"There is a hole in our economy where our heart should be"